Googleヘルプセンターの使い方(ラップ バージョン)

Matt Cutts(マット・カッツ)ではないGoogle社員のMattが、英語版のGoogle ヘルプセンターの各セクションの役割をビデオで説明しています





Hi, I’m Matt from support. So glad you could enter
My favorite spot on the web – it’s the Google Help Center.
I’ll start us off now and put my hand in the air
And point to a tool called the search box there
Where you can search for articles to read to learn about a product and get answers that you need.
Please over to your right now adjust your view
To see some recommended articles just for you,
Which may be customized or based on common questions,
And below them you’ll see a Help Resources section.
Now, if you move your vision slightly over to my right
You’ll see a list of links with the topics of the site
And no matter where in the help center you roam
Click Help articles to hit the help center home.
or click the Google product logo slightly above
To go straight to the page of the product you love.
Now if none of these tools really answers your question,
Some help centers have a user Help Forum section.
And lastly, to check out other contact means Check the contact link at the bottom of your screen.



ラップといえば、以前には『検索エンジン ラップ対決』というのもありました。



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