Live Search Webmaster Tools Betaの招待状ゲット!

Microsoftが提供するウェブマスター向けツールである「Live Search Webmaster Portal」のベータ版への正式なインビテーションが、ついに届きました。

On behalf of the entire Live Search Webmaster Portal Beta team, we are very happy to invite you to be one of the first beta users. We look forward to working with you over the coming months on the Live Search Webmaster Portal Beta program. Please confirm your participating webmaster/SEO manager contact(s) by sending an email to ***** with your Windows Live ID.

After we receive that email, you will then be entered into the queue for assignment of credentials to the Webmaster Portal using your provided Windows Live ID.

Please note (from attached Terms of Use):

Your use of the Live Search Webmaster Portal is subject to the Microsoft Service Agreement for the Windows Live services (available at

Please note that Microsoft does not provide warranties for the service. The contract also limits Microsoft liability.

The technology is pre-release. It may not work the way a final version of the service will. Microsoft may change it for a final, commercial version. We also may never release a commercial version.

Thank you again for your support of the Live Search Webmaster Portal Beta. Please email ***** with any questions. Thank you.


Nathan Buggia

Sr. Product Manager

Live Search Webmaster Tools Team

メールに記載さている指示どおり、Windows Live IDを書いて、正式な参加希望を伝えました。