Live Search Webmaster Portal Betaスタート迫る

Live Search Webmaster Portal Beta(ライブ・サーチ・ウェブマスター・ポータル・ベータ)とは、Microsoftが提供する予定のウェブマスター向けツールのベータ版です。

Googleのウェブマスターツール、Yahoo!のSite Explorerに相当します。





On behalf of the entire Live Search Webmaster Portal Beta team, we are very happy to invite you to be one of the first beta users. We look forward to working with you over the coming months on the Live Search Webmaster Portal Beta program. Please confirm your participating webmaster/SEO manager contact(s) by sending an email to [email protected] An email invite to join the Connect site for this beta will follow shortly from [email protected] (you may want to add this address to your junk mail filter’s “Safe Senders” list). You will be asked to accept the Terms of Use for the beta program, and will then be entered into the queue for assignment of credentials to the Webmaster Portal.
Thank you again for your support of the Live Search Webmaster Portal Beta.

メールに記載されているアドレス宛にメールを送ることで、Live Search Webmaster Portal Betaへの参加を正式に申し込めます。