What Are Web Stories?

from SEO Point of View

The content of Web Stories is rich in visual elements.

・Movies ・Images ・Animation ・Audio ・(minimal) Text

Users enjoy your stories as if they flip through a magazine.

Web Story made by Martin Splitt from Google

Advantage #1

・Built on AMP framework (HTML) ・No specific apps required. Users can use browsers. ・Can host on your server.

Other stories such as Facebook or Instagram need their dedicated app. Stories published there are their properties, not yours.

Advantage #2

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・Work well on any devices: mobile, desktop and tablet. ・Support Responsive Web Design.

Advantage #3

・Crawlable and Indexable by Search Engines ・Produce search traffic (Yay!)

How Web Stories appear across Google

Single Result on Web Search

Grid view on Web Search

(from multiple publishers)

Grid view on Web Search

(from a single publisher)

Image Search


(a single card)



Ameba increased their user engagement by Web Stories




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Avg. time on page⬆

Now it's your turn!